Monday, May 09, 2011

Check out Twisted South radio!!! :)

I'm gonna be on the radio! How cool is that?!

"It’s a long way from south Mississippi, where she was born, to Glastonbury, in southwestern England. But Lisa Mills has played Glastonbury and many more European festivals enough to feel comfortable on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, the artistic connections she formed as she gained international fans are counted as her musical next-of-kin; they just happen to be in the UK, while she now makes her home on Mobile Bay.

Sky Sutton, author and daughter of the infamous Popcorn Sutton, moonshiner, will be joinig the show to talk about her father Popcorn Sutton, moonshiner extrodinarne and her journey to discover him and her family in the south. Sky will also be talking about her place in the Twisted South family as well."


Mike Shaner said...

I just wrote an article about your father and am now following your blog. I hope you like it. I am adding you to my blog roll and I hope you will consider doing the same or a link exchange.

In liberty,

Mike Shaner

Mike Shaner said...

Sky, thank's for commenting. I apologize for the incorrect mention of caner...I had read conflicting reports and have corrected the statement. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

I left in the 2 Hank Williams Jr. quotes bc i felt they were relevant.
The goal wasn't to glorify williams or to tie him to appalachia but to show that your father's talennt and charisma had attracted him as a fan. I made an effort not to tie him into the family or the community.

There was other info i intentionally left out regarding the business ventures etc..(the legal whiskey)

I felt that it lent to the legend of popcorn Sutton that famous celebrities who had never met him attended the funeral...and the line about the taxes fit the theme of the story.

The intention here was not to honor or even associate your father's legacy with the musician but to point that Popcorn had such an impact it attracted people who had never met him.

Sky Sutton said...

@Mike: I totally appreciate your including Hank in that context. Shoot, as much as I'd like to leave the man out of the story I gotta'put him in, too. I was at that memorial when Hank rolled idea who he was...wondered why the dude in the suit needed body guards.;)
Thank you for leaving out the "business venture" stuff. ;) I'm not a big fan of someone ripping off my Daddy's name and pretending they can run shine like him.
I tried to link your blog with mine but apparently I'm too dumb. :) I did repost your blog over on my "Daddy Moonshine" FB page and added you on Twitter. :)

John Green said...

Great Post, Thanks for Sharing

Anonymous said...

Sky, I just wanted to say hello. My sister is married to Burl Sutton, who is a cousin to Popcorn. My sister just sent me a photo of Burl and Popcorn together in front of a feed store (I think). My husband and I also bought the DVD "The Last One".

Betty F.

Terry Boatright(OASIS) said...

November 17th,2011
Finally got my first case of Popcorn today...sold my first case of Popcorn today...enough said.

Sky Sutton said...

That ISN'T Popcorn's. That's Hank's. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sky, you should consider publishing your book as an ebook. I know that I'd be among the first to purchase a copy!

Sky Sutton said...

I'd love it if I could figure out how to put out an e-book. I never thought I'd be self-publishing so really I've got no idea what I'm doing. ;)

Gina Wells said...

Thanks Sky for all the great information! My 8th grade son loves researching your dad and has decided to do his history fair project on him, any information you have would be fabulous!!

Thanks so much!

Gina Wells

Sky Sutton said...

I love anything that keeps a kid reading- especially research projects. I give your boy an A+ for choosing subject matter! :)